Back To Where We've Never Been EP

by Snareset

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This is our sophomore EP which was recorded in March 2014 at Kaputtmacher Studio in Bochum, Germany.
It is available as a CD in a cool Digipack and as 12" Vinyl LP via No Panic! Records.


released August 16, 2014

All songs written by Snareset
Lyrics by Christoph Overhoff
Backups by Snareset, Eike and Sarah
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jochen Stummbillig
Artwork by Jorick Krooshof | Illustration and Design



all rights reserved


Snareset Greven, Germany

We are Snareset. Four guys from Greven, Gemany playing punkrock music. Listen to our latest EP here!

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Track Name: Attraction Of (Distr)action
When you’ve got nothing to say to me
When words just fail initially
Fled into another world, looking for the most soothing words, they pick for you what to believe
but that is not reality
So write it down
Just to know how to write it down
In other words: take action or you will regret it
So sing along cause you’re not the only one
Distraction is the basic mean of choice
When it comes to getting ‘round what must be done
But did you realize that action is included in distraction?
So please, question the distraction!
Track Name: No Face
To me it sounds right to believe in things that keep you from falling ultimately deep
And when you’re having lonely times you believe there’s someone there for you
But when it comes to torturing masses, excluding peoples asses
No, that aint for me!
So i am no believer cause i have seen no fucking face looking like a savior
A face so full of grace, leading through the haze
Wouldn’t let myself be dominated by a narrow point of view that some filthy writer had back then and is still preached today
In order to exploit our fears and turn them into money to justify wars that lead straight to this money
Be aware of what they tell you
Track Name: Painsparer
I know that struggling with emotional conflicts all alone ain't no good for me
Some say it eats you up from the inside but in my case it's me who tries to eat it up from the inside
So please don't ask 'cause I'm afraid to tell all the things that keep me bothering all the way
it might be dumb but I don't wanna say, two minds in trouble are no solution anyway
And it's not only fear that lets me hesitate
to me these things often feel meaningless
so I don't waste our time on temporary things and start to talk it away
My bad mood is probably not caused by you
So just leave me alone to fight my inner struggle
afterwards I will be back for you
Track Name: Circles
I’m stuck at an impasse
Cant see the way its meant to be
Don’t try to do better
but when I’m running in circles again
Don’t prevent me from running!
I wont forget to change the direction once in a while
Don’t prevent me from running
Stop putting in your two cents
I got enough on my own and it’s still worth more than money and it all comes from me
When I’m running I got no better things to do
I wanna be alone with my thoughts, not my friends, all alone!
When I’m running I got nothing better to do
When I’m running wanna be alone with my thoughts and not my friends
Track Name: Don't Forget
There are days that make you wanna pack it all in and run
But when you run dont you forget what your're running from
when the shit's piling 'til your neck
you better keep your head up high
Taking a deep breath from air not filled with the same shit
can make you want to come back to the places you once left
you might discover that the reasons you left for are not reasonable anymore