Self Titled EP

by Snareset

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This is our Self Titled EP. It is available on CD and will be available on Cassette some day.

Recorded by us in our basement
Drums recorded by Christoph G. in Münster
Mix & Master done by Recorob
Artwork by Homesick Design

Line Up:

Christoph - Vocals / Guitar
Mitch - Guitar / Vocals
Felix - Drums
Flori - Bass

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released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Snareset Greven, Germany

We are Snareset. Four guys from Greven, Gemany playing punkrock music. Listen to our latest EP here!

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Track Name: Break It Down
we're bleeding
to the ground again
we're screaming
on our tops again

what is left?
when everything turns grey
and it comes down to what we truly are
would you mind being yourself?

break it down yeah break it down
to your tiny soul
what's of your lies?

always remember
there will be better days
that will bring you down again

and when you lose focus once more:
there'll be points left to score

keep to your mind
not everything turns grey
consider your friends
Track Name: Stagnation
how i rather am
how i rather live this life
dont wanna go back to what it was
go look at yourself
before you complain about us

i got perspective
but no perfection
for a life full of choices
i got perspective
but no perfection
in this world so full of

dont want a boring life
i want variety
same things all over and over again
it ain't for me

afraid of all those men
following their so called dreams
eating and sleeping and sucking
societys cock
Track Name: Take The Chance
so take the chance
to achieve more
than you would ever have
expected from yourself
to become more but be yourself
all the time
and i know that it's hard to define who's yourself

who's yourself
i know it's hard to be yourself
but you're better, better off this way

dont be afraid
of evolving your mind
since we do not
fucking live in past times
cause nobody else should be like you

what do we know about ourselves?
something that we know, but do not face
Track Name: Brightside
so why are we here?
everybody thinks its right
i think there's no other way tonight

in your opinion
this world is done, down and out
well, thats what i think
but there're still partys to party
and songs to sing

do you think that
we should play another chord
and act as if this world never experienced
another morning
after this one

to you just everything sucks
to me thats just another great record
to listen to with my friends
sometimes we gotta shove shit aside
to enjoy whats left of this
Track Name: Pick Of The Bunch
dont try to arrange that
let things be as they are
we are used to it
exerting yourself for
someone that you are not
always wanna be
the one, the one
the pick of the bunch

if nobody is right, nobody is fool

forever running 'round
in towns you dont belong
in search of something new
is it really true to be?
day by day recalculating your efforts
did you forget?
do i fit?
am i right, am i right for them?

do you miss something
yes, youre different
from all the other guys
but you dont want it
any other way